Monday, March 19, 2007

Random Facts about me

  • I am reading the biography of Princess Masako (Japan's Imperial Princess)
  • I have had the same pair of boardies for years, and they haven't worn out yet, and I have never found another pair as comfy.
  • I take my tea white with 2 sugars
  • I only started drinking coffee when I was in Japan
  • I am crocheting myself a rug
  • I have been very close to broke in the past 2 weeks and I don't like it!
  • My favourite host family in Japan was the Kawai family.
  • My favourite crystal is fluorite. (and this isn't exactly a secret!)
  • I rarely pick on my appearance
  • I love Palmer's Cocoa Butter Moisturiser
  • I need to dust my shelves
  • There are unicorns on my doona cover
  • My digital camera is a Canon IXUS 40 (4 megpixel)
  • I did a P & O cruise for my Schoolies holiday
  • My UAI was 88.45
  • My favourite teacher at school was Mrs Simson (Japanese)
  • My middle name is Adele
  • My parents almost called me Tonya
  • My mentor group at school (homeroom) was HTM
  • I wear (at the moment) Ralph Lauren's Cool perfume
  • I own 1 Scott Cunningham book (and this statement may very well result in my Mary status being revoked!)
  • I can draw - if all you want me to draw is a stick figure!
  • I have my own sewing machine
  • I have a penpal who lives in Israel (and 2 in Japan)
  • I fainted in chapel in front of the whole school (and got carried outside by the headmaster)
  • My favourite colour is purple
  • I really need another bookshelf and have no room left in my room to put it
  • Ditto for a double bed
  • I have a Tinkerbell pencil case
  • I called my stapler Elliot (after the detective in Law & Order: SVU- his name is Elliot Stadler, so I have "Elliot Stapler"!)
  • It is also purple
  • I have started looking for angel images, ready to make my own angel cards!
  • I have 51 images already
  • My car is called the Sprocket (short for Shann's pretty red rocket)
  • I have laughed so hard I wet myself
  • I have never been so drunk that I threw up
  • When I was at uni, I lived in Unit 66


Kathleen said...

One cool pretty hip chick ... thank's for sharing : )

Jacqui said...

Cool, love Belladonna, BTW, she's awesome!

Romy said...