Friday, March 16, 2007

Much Musing

Well I have just finished a book I have been waiting ages for. I had a look on the author's website, and it said the release date was March 2007. I had no idea it had been out since the beginning of March! Was not impressed! Plus was rather alarmed to think that it had been that long since I had been in a bookshop! Anyway, now that I've finished, I'm having a bit of a problem. Well, 2 actually. Number 1 is that the book has really made think. Not that that's a problem, but you know how some books really get to you? And this one had a twist that I didn't really see coming, so that threw me a little. And problem number 2 is that now I have nothing else to read. I've recently gotten very picky about the books I read, so since I'm not really interested in most of the books that are out there at the moment, I've taken to re-reading a lot of my books. And there are a few more books I'm waiting on, but they won't be out for a while yet, which takes me back to the problem of having nothing to read except for books I'm almost getting sick of because I've read them too many times! Wow, this turned into quite a whinge didn't it!

Anyway, just for the fun of it, here are some of my favourite books.

(there are more by this author, but I'll leave it here for now!)

(that's also the tattoo I ant to get)

And I'll take pity on you all, and just put the first book of the series.

Anyway, I think I've had enough musing for tonight. Love you all!

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