Tuesday, June 05, 2007

doo be doo

Not much to report

Have decided to make a start on a cross stitch, just to satisfy my curiosity. Then back to my rug (coz it's starting to get chilly), and then finishing my tapestry before I have to decide which cross stitch to start first.

Was cold at school. First class was very late.

Will be going down to see the boy next weekend. Not sure if I can control myself at Victoria House. Not sure if my boy would be willing to attempt getting me out again and may either decide not to take me in the first place, or to just leave me there once I get in!

(I too have been visited by internet pixies who love to annoy by messing with blogger. Unlike Chell though, Blogger actually didn't save part of this post, so here I am trying to type it again!)

Love, Me

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