Sunday, June 24, 2007

Looking for a silver lining

As previously mentioned before, I've got a fairly calm state of mind (Jonathon needs to stay out of this one!!) but doing birthday parties all weekend it really test your patience, especially if the parents don't even help out. I suppose if today has a silver lining, it's that I got through it all with my sanity intact- well, about the same as usual anyway. OMG I rarely do birthday parties on both days, but this weekend I did, and I don't think I'll be trying that again any time soon. Ok, enough whinging.

I have a pretty new rug. It's almost finished!! Then I have to finish my tapestry, before starting on numerous cross stitches.

Had a minor family crisis this morning. Well, not really a family crisis, more me having a crisis about my family. I don't know whether to ignore it, or try to get in and change things, or even if they can be changed.

Busy week coming up- S&B is about the only thing getting me through it at this stage. Oh well, last week of term, should go fairly quickly- I hope!

Lol I nearly smothered my cat last night. He was sleeping on my bed and I got cold so I pulled up the extra blanket and it was covering him. He usually gets out and makes himself confortable on top of the cover, but this time he decided to stay under the doona. I fully thought he was going to suffocate!

Sorry about the rambling post, but at the moment my brain is not functioning and it's just easier to type whatever comes into my head, and I always like reading rambling posts on everyone's blogs. They're funny.

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~*Rylah*~ said...

Yuck for working all weekend.

The funny thing about cats, I've noticed, is they seem to be able to breathe anywhere! Isa fully tucks her head in my armpit or elbow, really HARD, and yet she stays there, able to breathe fine. It's weird. So you probably didn't nearly sufocate him. Chances are he was just probly thinking 'Wow, how warm is this?' LOL