Monday, June 18, 2007

The wonders of bi carb soda

Not being much of a domestic Goddess, this really took me by surprise. I'd heard that you can rinse your thermos out with bicarb to remove funny odours/flavours, but I wasn't sure how much I'd need so I just Googled "thermos" and "bicarb soda" and came across this site. Clicky here. Now I did know that you could do quite a lot with it and that is was very useful and so on, but some of the uses really stunned me!

Also boy of mine (well his family) has their own yoghurt maker (Easi-yo). And the yoghurt that it makes is easily the best I have ever tasted. Am giving serious thought to buying own yoghurt maker. Clicky here. Also apparently better for you than store bought stuff, and much cheaper (after buying of said yoghurt maker, and sachet only costs a few dollars and makes 1L). I think a trip to Big W will be coming up soon!


Jewell said...

See u love...will miss you....take care....see u in few months....xxxxx

Bee said...


Anchell said...

Is very good for cleaning sinks and taking smells out of kitty litter.....darlin drinks it when he feels off as it neutralises the acids in your body...I cant cause it tastes like shit!