Saturday, June 02, 2007

I've had worse

Parties today- sometimes you get good ones, sometimes you get bad ones. Today I had a little of each. Oh well, all over now. Saw darling Jen today, so she got to see me in action. (for the record, the party her son attended was one of the good ones!)

I have a really sore neck. Have decided against a career in headbanging. Unless it covers my chiropractic bills.

Not a good idea to be a gymnastics coach with a sore neck.

As I mentioned before, I am almost finished the lake part of my tapestry. Until I figured out I was short a bit of thread. And I mean maybe 50cm short. So I had to buy a whole heap of thread (comes in 8m lots) just to finish one friggin colour. Friggin.

Pole dancing is great. I have 2 new moves down. One is the flag, and I have a pic here. It's not very high (is supposed to be horizontal) but I think it's pretty impressive.

(note the new shoes!!)

I can also do the "cleopatra". But I'll have to get a video of that next time coz it's a little hard to explain.

That's all from me.
Love you


rainbowspirit said...

Egan had a ball at the party this evening... i think you were very impressive - keeping those kids in line.

Hmmm the pole thing looks painful!

Bee said...

watch you dont sit on one of those lovey,,,,,x

Lisa said...

oh my god- LOVE the shoes !