Monday, September 11, 2006

And it's all over...For Now!

Hi all!
Well as most of you would know we hade quite a busy weekend with the International Angel Day. I was also working on Saturday, and had to front up at my pole dancing studio at 10pm Sunday night to participate in the world record.

Ok, one thing at a time. Had pole dancing class on Thursday, and it was great. I've learnt a few new moves and I have decided that from now on I will take my camera to class to get photographic evidence.

Didn't end up going dancing on Thursday. I decided to was too cold and windy and rainy to be bothered going anywhere but to bed!

Saturday- I had one horror party, but you get that at times. The kids just go nuts when they get in the gym. It gets really annoying when the parents don't do anything to help. Granted, the had the party there specifically to take the stress off them, but really, how hard is it to help keep the kids in line?

Sunday...where to start? International Angel Day. Considering the weather, we got more people come through than I thought we would. I wasn't freaked at all, Actually it was amazing how calm I was. I knew my angels were with me though, because as I was driving into town I stopped at a set of traffic lights and I asked the angels to change them because I was worried I be late. The lioghts turned green, and as I was going through the intersection, they turned yellow again!

Got to Honeysuckle, parked around the back where everyone else had parked and hoped it was legal. Got myself set up, and then had a minor freak out (really minor! I swear!) when Lisa turned up to me and asked if I'd only brought one deck to read from. (Imagine that! Only one deck!). Anyway, gopt that sorted, and the rest of the day was fine. I did 2 readings which went really well, and the rest of the day was mostly chatting.

Went next door to the markets for lunch and got this really yummy Turkish stuff. I had no idea how to pronounce it, so I asked for "one vegetarian one please". While it was being cooked, I did a lap around the markets. Found a stall selling Japanese style jewellery- that was a big mistake! i couldn't decide which one I wanted. I kept coming back to one particular piece though, so I got that as a memento of my first public readings.

There was a bit of a commotion at the end of thje day when the 2 raffles were drawn. You had to be present to get the prize, so a lot of people who had entered asked someone to collect it on their behalf if they won. First name they drew was a friend of Carolyn's, and Carolyn was supposed to collect it for her. But no one could find Carolyn, who had gone next door to the markets. So they drew a few more names, but no one else came forward. The prize ended up going to Gloria, and I said I'd collect it for her, so I did. And as I was packing up my table, who should walk back in but Carolyn! Anyway, I won the other raffle, and I scored myself 2 CDs and a Doreen Virtue deck of oracle cards. Thus, the International Angel Day.

Got home and lazed around for the rest of the afternoon. Come 8pm I was stuffed (having gotten up at 6am that morning- a feat nearly Herculean in it's efforts!). Got to the pole dancing studio at 10 ready to practice the routine we had to do. It went for 10 mintues- it wasn't a very strenuouys routine, but 10 mins is a long time! Anyway, the world record attempt went well. We won't know if we got it for a few weeks as the adjudicators check all the footage. I'm a bit worried because at the end, the whistle blew for the finish but then the teacher said to keep going and I missed the next move. I'm pretty sure it was after the whistle blew, but I'm a bit paranoid anyway. All in all it was a great experience. We'll be able to get a video of our attempt, and I'll figure out how to get it available for viewing for everyone, along with the video of my first pole routine. I think I'll have to put it on a "photo album" site and then link it. I'll let you know when I get it sorted. BTW, when I get these available, please no laughing, I already know I look like a nong! Nevermind, I know you lot, laugh till you burst!

Just quickly on a another note, isn't it amazing the people you meet and the circumstances you meet them under? I found out last night that one of the girls in my pole class went to my school (I don't remember her though) and one of the adjudicators who turned up to watch and make sure everything was above board used to be in my mentor group (that's basically roll call in Newcastle Grammar terms).

Anyways, ciao for now, and love you all!


Anchell said...

I wish I had your I know Im old...

Jonathon said...

Hey honey,

wow busy girl! Wish i had the time to do that but sadly my time is spent with musty old books which can be fun, but often depressing.

So proud of you honey.


rainbowspirit said...

awesome - pole dancing - i wish i had the guts.... and the energy .... and the time .... and the money..... damn, i just wish!!!

Elizabeth said...

god tesah, i am exhausted just listening to you