Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Beware the Moon Water!

Had a lovely evening last night- a moon ritual with the girls. We ran a little overtime (ok, an hour over time!), but that's expected when you put 5 witches in one room!

Casting circle was interesting tonight as it involved large amounts of fairy dust, salt/sage, and stars. It must be noted that giving witches fairy dust or bubbles is usually a bad idea! There was quite a bit of catching up as two of the girls had been absent for a while. There was much manifesting, magick, and moonwater. As usual, as soon as I had my glass of moonwater, I was useless! I think I actually scared a few of the girls who had never seen me on moonwater, and even Raihn looked a little freaked, and she was the one who started it! (Is anyone else noticing a pattern here?) And it all ended with a bonfire in the back yard, just as it should, along with more fairy dust.

There was also something that was let slip last night. Raihn thinks I might be an early "white star" child. When she said that I got little shivers, and I think it makes sense for a few reasons. (BTW none of this is "official" as I don't think we're supposed to know yet!) The white stars are supposedly coming in around 2010/20012. By that stage I'll be almost 30 (which is when my life path will be revealed). If my children are also going to be white stars, it makes sense that my activation won't take place until the actual wave of white stars come through. As I was laying in bed last night, I got a few tidbits of information coming through with regards to the white stars. I don't think I'll be getting any "big info", but just enough to let me know a bit about myself and my place here and now. (ie being an "unactivated" white star). I am definitely going to be looking into this further, and I'll let you all know if and when I confirm what I was told last night. (I was half asleep afterall!)
Blessing everyone!

PS I think the comments problem has now been sorted! Please comment to your heart's content!


Anchell said...

Hello little one. White Star heh. Woo hoo. Who's a special one then!!
Welcome to blog world.

Anchell said...

Did you note the time you posted this blog? 11:11- dodododo(x files music)

Jonathon said...

Hey honey,

fantastic blog by the way,

white star, ok i am confused here, could someone please explain it appears that i'm missing a whole chunk of something, but it sounds really cool.

Love and Blessings

Elizabeth said...

ok- links done- wow- hello- will be back........
E x