Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Houston, we have lift off!

OMG what have I just done? I feel like I've stepped of the edge of an invisible cliff! But if the cliff is invisble, how can I know whether I'm falling or flying?

Anyways, welcome to my blog. Being the sheep that I am (no, not really! But you never can tell with a blog) everyone else was doing it, so I decided to join the bandwagon, and I hold Raihn to blame for that one. She started it all I tell you!

On a slightly more sane note, the readers of this blog (who I think will probly just be Jonathon, Raihn, Anchell, & Jacqui...maybe Romy too) will be going on a journey of self discovery with me. Together we will delve into the chaotic, psychotic, and quite possibly demented inner workings of my mind. Watch your step people!

To that end... who is Tesah?

Well to be honest with you, I have no idea. I only met her last night throught my good friend Raihn. Tesah is the name by which I am known "on high". When I first heard it, it just clicked, deep in my soul. I'm pretty sure Jacqui felt the same way with her soul name.

How I came to meet Tesah is quite a story. I went to my Angelic Awareness group, as I do the first Monday of every month. This time there was a treat in store for us. Raihn was going to be channelling Archangel Michael, and we'd be able to ask him questions through her. I asked what my soul name was (Tesah, obviously) and what my life purpose would be. I was told that I wouldn't know my life purpose until I was about 30. Some other interesting facts I found out were that in my past life I had been a Russian ballet dancer who had starved to death (which would explain a lot to those who have met me!), and I have never been relighted (where the soul fragment that remains with the Divine "jumpstarts" the soul in the physical realm) because I have never had the need, and I never would.

Ok, I think I've written enough to scare off all the normal people, so the rest of you must really love me, or must be a little touched in the head!
Love to you all!


Elizabeth said...

Oh Shann- tesah suits you !
it really does- welcome to blog ville- will add you to my links.......
E x
Kathleen will read your blog too

Kathleen said...

Welcome to the "Mad Hatter's Tea Party"...it's lots of addictive fun.

Blessed Be,

who is known as Phaith (Faith) On High

Severina said...

...count me in too ! SEV