Sunday, September 24, 2006

Wow, more busy!

I really want a Macbook and a wireless router so I can sit in my room any time and read blogs! It would make it so much easier to keep on top of things! Well, a Macbook might not be that far off, especially with the week I've had. One of the girls at work has gone on holidays, so I've been filling in some of her shifts, as well as doing mine, so I will be getting a very nice pay packet this week and next week (I'm filling in next week as well).

Had a very lucrative weekend of work. I signed on at 7:30 am (which is so unnatural!) and worked till 11am. Was supposed to have a break until 12:15 but things started getting slightly out of hand. The coach who was supposed to do the early parties cut herself on a piece of equipment (I still haven't figured out how!) and needed to get stitches. I had gone over to Starbucks to get some lunch (and coffee to keep me going for the rest of the day!). I'd gone back to work early so I could sit and have some time-out before I had to start again. In typical Joyner fashion, it didn't quite work like that. The minute I walked through the door, they were asking me to clean up the blood spill, then because the other coach had to leave, they wanted me to do the 12:00 party- this was at 11:50! They then had to get someone in to do the late parties (the ones I was supposed to do) so mum ended up coming in to help. Things after that, thankfully were pretty normal, or as normal as it gets there.

I had myself a huge sleep in this morning and did as little as possible. I did, however, manage to drag my ass down to the shops to pick up "Take the Lead" on DVD. Haven't wateched it yet- that's tonight's entertainment, seeing as there is rarely anything good on TV these days. (Finding Nemo is on tonight, but I have that on DVDF and believe me, you really don't need me to watch that any more than I already have!)

Love you all


Anchell said...

Better buy a drum then!

Anonymous said...

Yeah drums are good too,
hopefull i'll be able to do that soon as well.

Wow, it reminds me of when i was working at the cinemas.

Cheerio all