Thursday, September 28, 2006

Crystals and where to put them!

Wonderful night was had by all with Monika at Rose Cottage last night. Lots of pretty shiny things to look at and to buy. I don't really need more crystals, but I bought them anyway! We learnt a lot of interesting stuff, the least of which was some of the more interesting places you can store your crystals. Don't think I'll be trying that one!

What is it about crystals that call to us? Is it because they're pretty? (I think that's the case with me!) Do we crave the stable vibrations and peace that comes with holding them and being around them? Is it because they make us feel more balanced? It's probably a combination of all of these, and more! And how many crystals are too many? I used to think I had to many crystals, especially seeing as I never really did anything with them, they just sat there looking pretty. But after being at Rose Cottage, it is plain for all to see that I am a mere amateur when it comes to collecting crystals! It is also comforting to find out that I am not alone with my crystal addiction, there are many more who suffer from the same affliction, (some to a worse degree!), and we all tend to gather in Waratah. I wonder why that is?

Love you all!

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Elizabeth said...

oh honey- i love them but stop just short of wearing them on the inside if you know what I mean......