Friday, September 15, 2006

I'm running away to join the circus!

Well, not really of course! Mum and bro and I are going to Sydney tomorrow to see a show of Cirque du Soleil, and I can't wait, it's going to be awesome! I'll let you all know how it goes.

Had more pole dancing last night, and learnt a few new tricks, not the least of which was learning to invert! (ie Upside down! Upside down! (think Mr Squiggles)) I do have photos, but I haven't gotten around to putting them up yet. And yes I know a few of you are going to be soooo jealous when you see them, but I would just like to tell you that we have a mother/daughter team in the class, and it was the mother who was leading the pack last night. First to get the moves, and first to invert- we weren't actually supposed to- we were just practicing. But up she went, and the rest of us young ones couldn't let her show us up, so up we went too! She's really good too- she usually ends up changing the moves so they feel more comfortable for her and ends up doing one of the more advanced moves by mistake! I told her she wasn't allowed to come anymore because she was setting a bad precedent for us young ones and we can't keep up!

Had a pretty tame day today, just work mostly. Went out with my bro to do GymSkools yesterday. GymSkools is where we take some equipment out to schools in the middle of nowhere (well, not really, but Singleton isn't exactly local!) so they can do gym for PE. My boss wants me to start doing this as well, and I went out to have a look and see what it was all about. I had an absolute ball! When Jade first went to this school (Christian school) each class said "Good morning Jade, and God bless you." He wasn't too happy about it, but after hearing about it, I was actually looking forward to it. I'd almost made it through the whole day, and I didn't think I was ever going to get a "God bless you" and I finally did. It was so cute, and it pretty much made my day! So I'm really looking forward to doing GymSkools, and I'll be getting a very pretty pay packet out of it too!

Anyways, that pretty much all I've been up to in the last few days.
As always, love you all!


Jonathon said...


you are just gorgeous, and that is so cute, is it little kids? Or just good mannered teenagers - is there such a thing?


Made me laugh on a day when i'm feeling down!


Anchell said...

You have fun pole dancing at the circus

Romy said...

You will love CirqueI saw them a few years ago and will remember the experience forever.How they do what they do is amazing..have fun.

Elizabeth said...

yes, shann stay on the ground & wear sensible shoes......

Cyndy said...

At least you don't have to be concerned about the elephants running amok. I had a friend who wouldn't take her family to the circus as she was scared of the elephants breaking loose and runnning wild; we gave a ribbing about it, and the next week there was a fatality involving escaping elephants in a circus! You never know!!

Shergar said...

I can just picture Bart Simpson finding your blog.
"Ay carumba!"